interpretation centre

Madeira Banana
has a long way to grow

At BAM, we work side by side with farmers to energise, rehabilitate, adapt, modernise and promote research and experimentation with the Madeira Banana. Discover experimental fields, innovative banana transportation systems and greenhouses with the most modern technologies.


A piece of fruit
or a piece of art?

Sharpen your 5 senses, let your imagination flow and discover the history and culture of the Madeira Banana through the eyes of art, using holograms, immersive installations, photographs and much more. Keep an eye out for our special events and exhibitions.


A break with a special flavour

At the BAM Bar, you’ll find informal counter service and take away options, all while enjoying the view of our banana plantations. Sandwiches, soups, snacks, sweets and drinks for the whole family. And for the grown-ups, a special beer made with Madeira Banana.


Take a piece
of our history with you!

At the end of your visit, don’t miss our Banana products shop. T-shirts, backpacks, caps, magnets, fridges and pins, all designed exclusively for BAM.

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